N-Warp Daisakusen sourcecode released!

N-Warp Daisakusen Now that it's been almost a year since I've released N-Warp Daisakusen, I feel that it'd be a good idea to release the sourcecode aswell. And believe it or not, the SNES scene has been actually growing as of lately! There are numerous flashcart projects in the work and just a few days ago, Mukunda Johnson has released his first game Skipp & Friends, which I highly recommend, by the way! Anyway, have fun playing around with the sourcecode!

N-Warp Daisakusen V1.1 released

N-Warp Daisakusen I've just uploaded N-Warp Daisakusen version 1.1. There were no known bugs in version 1.0, but my SNES engine has been optimized quite a bit since last year and this update is based on a recent version of that engine. Also threw in a small particle system just for the heck of it. Oh, and the credits screen is easier to reach now, too. (just wait some time on the ranking screen)

N-Warp Daisakusen is making the news!

N-Warp Daisakusen cartridge It's been about a month since I've released N-Warp Daisakusen and as it seems, it's getting lots of attention! There've been reports about the release on a number of major gaming newspages such as Kotaku and Destructoid, an interview with me was published over at TIGS and there's even an article in a german printmag in the works. Considering that my little homebrew game is going against all the big titles of todays gaming industry, it may look a bit pale in comparison, but many are people liking it, nonetheless. Some people are seemingly loving the game so much that they want to buy or even build cartridges of it themselves! Although I feel honored, I've a somewhat official statement to make on that: First of all, I will never, ever sell cartridges of N-Warp Daisakusen. Second, the game is freeware. Free as in provided completely free of charge. As soon as money or other items are traded for a copy of the game, it is not free anymore. Should you ever see a cartridge of this game for sale, please report it to me so appropriate steps can be taken. Thanks!

Also, here's what my very own, personal copy of the game looks like, I think it turned out quite nice:

N-Warp Daisakusen cartridge

Update: N-Warp Daisakusen was featured in issue #10 of Retro Magazin, a german printmag focussing on retrogames. Here's what it looks like: retro scan

N-Warp Daisakusen released

N-Warp Daisakusen I'm very proud to be able to announce the release of my very first original game for the SNES. N-Warp Daisakusen is a deathmatch minigame for eight human players. Connect two Multitaps and eight joypads to your SNES, invite some friends and compete for the first place by beating and kicking the shit out of the other players. This game is available for download completely free of charge.

My development goal for this game was to create a simplistic fighter that could be played with as many simultaneous players as possible on the SNES and be learned and mastered within seconds by everyone. The awesome music was composed by maf, who is one of my favorite chiptune musicians. I'm very thankful he allowed me to use his tunes in my game. It was developed to commemorate the N-Warp 2008 Nintendo gaming convention held in Meschede, Germany. It was meant to be some sort of surprise competition where everybody could jump right into the battle without prior experience. Development time was a little over 4 weeks. This game is based on my WIP SNES game engine and was coded from scratch in 65816 Assembler. I'd also like to thank Ville Helin for Wla-DX, the assembler that was used to create N-Warp Daisakusen.

I have tested the game thoroughly and believe it to be free of major bugs and crashes. Still, I suspect issues to surface as players from all over the world give it a try and do things I haven't thought of yet. Therefore, an updated version will most likely be released after sufficient feedback has been received. If you find any non-emulation related bugs, please be sure to write me an e-mail and report your findings. This game was designed to primilary run on a real SNES and uses very precise timing to improve performance and data throughput. Therefore, it only runs flawlessy on very accurate emulators such as Bsnes. Please don't bother reporting bugs or problems if you are playing the game with Snes9x or Zsnes.

Get your copy of N-Warp Daisakusen in the download section to the right.


D-pad: move character
A-button/ Y-button: standard attack
B-button: fierce punch
X-button: block

Gameplay Videos


N-Warp Daisakusen

N-Warp Daisakusen

N-Warp Daisakusen

N-Warp Daisakusen

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